Crackdown 3 Will Take 12-16 Hours to Finish, But Can Be Speed Run in 3

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During E3, we got a first look at Crackdown 3. Seriously, it had Terry Crews giving a sit-rep to Crackdown Agents. It was awesome, check it out.

It's now been revealed that the open-world aspect of the game allows you to tackle the game in any order you want. That means, if you really wanted to and were good enough, you could take on the TerraNova Kingpin, the big bad boss of the game, early in the game and get the ending. This would take roughly 3 hours.

Crackdown 3 Will Take 12-16 Hours to Finish, But Can Be Speed Runned in 3

Don't fret though, this is way harder than it sounds. Crackdown is all about leveling and power-ups and the Kingpin is no slacker. Starting the game over after beating it once though, allows you to play as that higher level agent.

“That’s what we’re doing internally, and we can guarantee that’s what other people will do as well,” campaign developer Sumo Digital told PCGamesN.

So in other words, your first playthrough will take about 12-16 hours, and your second/third/fourth/etc can be a speedrun. Crackdown 3 is out November 3 with the launch of the newly revealed Xbox One X, as well as PC and Xbox One. How fast will you beat it?