CPL Announces Cyberathlete Amateur League


Press Center has issued the following press release:


Announces Cyberathlete Amateur League


Cyberathlete Professional League has announced that it has acquired a
significant interest in the Domain of Games League and that as part of the
agreement "Domain of Games" will be renamed to "Cyberathlete
Amateur League." The Domain of Games online league was launched on July
20, 2000, primarily as a Counter-Strike league and has attracted over 2,500
gamers nationwide, which have praised the league as one of the best online
leagues in the United States.


Cyberathlete Amateur League or CAL will enable average gamers, such as those
who do not have the resources to attend a live professional event, to
participate in worldclass online tournaments and earn the right to participate
in the Cyberathlete Professional League LAN tournaments. The Cyberathlete
Amateur League will initially have a Counter-Strike division, an Unreal
Tournament division and an upcoming Quake III division. Possible future
divisions include Front Line Force, Team Fortress Classic and Tribes 2.


or pro-teams that have ranked in the top ten of any Cyberathlete Professional
League tournament will not be eligible to participate in the open amateur
tournaments of the Cyberathlete Amateur League, but may qualify to participate
in the invitation-only online tournaments. The first season games will
commence Sunday, April 22, 2001, until then the Cyberathlete Amateur League
will be running pre-season matches on all of its divisions and an online
qualifier for the SPEAKEASY.net CPL Event.


Cyberathlete Amateur League temporary URL will be
until http://www.caleague.com is
properly redirected.

information on the Counter-Strike division contact Frank Nuccio at [email protected]

information on the Unreal Tournament division contact Jeff Gross at [email protected].