Could Uncharted 4 be the last in the series?

Naughty Dog looking to bring closure to Nathan Drake's journey

Earlier this week, Naughty Dog showed off some brand new gameplay footage from Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. It didn't disappoint. From Nathan Drake's charm to the intense action to the impressive set-pieces, everything about Uncharted 4 screams blockbuster sequel. Is it possible that this game could be the last in the series?

Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann was asked this exact question by GameSpot, and though he didn't confirm it, he very much suggested that Uncharted 4 could be the final game in the popular PlayStation-exclusive series.

"Well our approach has been, the first three games were the set-up, and if we were to do one more, how would we top it all off? How would we bring Nathan Drake's journey to a close? Everything we're doing is constructed towards that; Bringing closure to a very long journey," Druckmann said.

"That journey isn't about just chasing treasure, it's also about your relationships you have formed along the way."

While sales for the series suggest Uncharted will never end, it's not like Naughty Dog doesn't have the talent to start something new and fresh. Just look at what they did with The Last of Us. Of course, Sony might have a different opinion. With Uncharted being one of the biggest PlayStation exclusives Sony has to offer, I have a hard time believing they'd want it to end.

Who knows, maybe this isn't the end of the Uncharted series, but the end of Nathan Drake. Maybe Naughty Dog will tell the story of a new treasure hunt, maybe a female character. Who knows? Let's just enjoy the ride.