Could the white Xbox One eventually be sold to consumers?

We have confirmation that there's a chance the white Xbox One console could eventually be sold to the mass public.

"Maybe waaaay in the future," Microsoft's Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson) told Reddit users. So you're saying there's a chance!?

The special edition white Xbox One console was first discovered yesterday, and will be given as thank you gift to members of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business team, the group responsible for the Xbox One. The white/silver special edition Xbox One comes with the words "I made this" and "Launch Team 2013" etched on to its front. The free bundle also includes a matching white controller, one year of Xbox LIVE, a special Achievement, all first-party launch games, and the normal black Kinect peripheral.

Granted, Hryb's comment isn't a guarantee or promise, but it's more encouraging then a flat out "no." It's entirely possible that Microsoft is waiting to commit to any other color out of fear of discouraging gamers from getting the Xbox One at launch.

Do you prefer the "liquid black" Xbox One, or the silver/white special edition?