Costume Quest 2 haunts ‘PC and consoles’ this Halloween

Double Fine is going trick-or-treating again with Costume Quest 2, due this coming Halloween.

Indie label Midnight City is publishing the sequel for "PC and consoles" on Oct. 31. "It’s the kind of game you always want to revisit, there’s such a great core to it," Double Fine founder Tim Schafer told IGN.

The first Costume Quest, an adventure role-playing game, arrived in October 2010 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC as a download title. It later came to Mac, Linux, and iOS, and Double Fine even released an add-on chapter called Grubbins on Ice.

The last we heard, Double Fine and Nordic Games were teaming up to deliver retail versions of Costume Quest and a couple other titles in the first half of 2014.

Midnight City is also working with indie developer The Fullbright Company to bring PC first-person adventure Gone Home to consoles.