Correction: Angry Birds Is Not the Best-Selling PSN Download

This past weekend, analysts reported that Angry Birds was the best-selling downloadable title on the PlayStation Network. Colin Sebastian of Lazard Capital Markets stated that the popular download from Rovio Mobile had surpassed all other PSN games in sales despite only being available since January. Earlier today it was announced that Angry Birds is not, in actuality, the best-selling download on Sony’s virtual market.

The game has managed to fare increasingly well on PSN, but not at the rate that Sebastian made it seem. The Lazard analyst clarified his previous statements, mentioning that while the title did sell well, it has yet to surpass all other games available for download on PSN. “[Angry Birds] was the most downloaded paid game through the PSN for January and February 2011,” said Sebastian.

Angry Birds has managed to sell particularly well on mobile devices, with over 100 million downloads across the iPhone and the Android. Regardless of these impressive sales figures, the PSN version has yet to reach the level of popularity that it has on handsets. This makes sense considering the steeper price tag and fewer levels of the PSN version.

At last, the world makes sense again. I have to admit I was emotionally tormented when I found out that Angry Birds was the most downloaded title on PSN, especially when amazing games such Hard Corps: Uprising, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, and Pac-Man Championship Edition DX offer much more rewarding and varied gameplay experiences. I can now rest easy.