Cornutopia Announces the Release of Future Pool!

The Future of Pool, Today!

Cornutopia Announces the
Release of Future Pool!


South Chesire
UK,  Feb 7th, 2005 –

Cornutopia (
announced today that their latest title,
Future Pool
, is now available for download from their website. 
Future Pool
is a new way to play
8-ball pool with no pockets, no scratches, and tons of strategy for pool
sharks and pool minnows combined.  Like all Cornutopia games, there is a free
demo of Future Pool available
from their website.


The game
features a fully 3D circular pool table where there are no pockets; your
objective is to knock your colored ball outside the ring.  Additionally
Future Pool
features 16 different
computer opponents, each with their own skill level and shot personality. 
There are 4 different table arrangements to master, ranging from 12 ball
tables to 36 ball tables. 


League play in
Future Pool allows you to play
against up to 6 human or AI opponents and multiplayer mode lets you go head to
head with a single live person.  For those lone pool sharks out there,
Future Pool
also features a solo
knockout game for 1 player.  The upbeat music and sound effects will pull you
into the Future Pool universe
and the addictive game play will never let you go.


Future Pool

is available from the Cornutopia website at
.  From here you can download the free demo of
Future Pool
or any of the other
classic Cornutopia products.  Purchasing is can be done from their secure
website and personal customer service is available if you have any technical
questions regarding this process.




Cornutopia was founded under the original
name of Scorpius Software in 1991developing shareware and commercial games for
Amiga computers. Our first PC game was Arcangel in 1999, a CD based squad
level strategy game and sequel to Amiga success, Hilt II.


Cornutopia is a based in South Cheshire in
the United Kingdom and now independently develops and sells modern games and
utilities for Windows PC’s.