COPS 2170: The Power of Law Goes Gold

COPS 2170: The Power of Law Goes

Montreal, Canada. December 9, 2004.
Strategy First, Game Factory Interactive and MiST land – South are pleased to
announce that the colorful hybrid of tactical strategy and RPG elements, COPS
2170: The Power of Law, has gone gold. Release is scheduled for the end of
January, 2005.

“In COPS 2170: The Power of Law,
players have the power to decide what type of Cop they want to be. They must
choose their allies and enemies carefully in order to restore ‘control and
harmony’ to a rapidly deteriorating metropolis,” says Jay Podilchuk, the
Producer at Strategy First.

“One feature that players will
appreciate is the option to play in either the first or third person view. With
the ability to look at a scenario from a different angle, players can really
broaden their perspective of a particular scene,” says Vitaly Shutov, President
of MiST land – South.

About COPS 2170: The Power of Law

You take on the role of rookie cop,
Katrin, as she patrols the mean streets of a futuristic, cyberpunk metropolis.
Katrin is a beautiful, young, police academy graduate who is an excellent
student and exceptional athlete. Unbeknownst to Katrin, her recent assignment
concerning a series of terror attacks is about to propel her into the path of an
evil genius. The city streets she is fighting to protect are unlike any modern
day metropolis. The government implants cyber links into newborns, marking them
with a unique ID in order to ensure complete control, watching over everything
for the “safety of the public.”

COPS 2170: The Power of Law features
stunning 3D environments ranging from cramped private quarters to sprawling city
streets, all filled with more than 60 NPCs. As Katrin, players can recruit up to
seven of their fellow officers, and use a large arsenal of weaponry and
equipment—including a scanner, rifles, and machine guns—to win large-scale
battles against the city’s criminal masterminds. Missions vary from suppressing
small-scale riots to challenging the security staff of a massive yet corrupt
corporation. Each mission can be accomplished using a variety of strategies,
giving the player multiple paths to victory and hours of exciting gameplay.


  • A large, living, futuristic world
    with more than 60 NCPs

  • 200 quests to keep the player
    moving along the non-linear story

  • The ability to put together a team
    of eight agents with different specializations

  • Limitless character development

  • 14 large detailed maps that offer
    numerous tactical possibilities

  • A large arsenal of lethal weapons

  • Numerous vehicles from police cars
    to heavy space marine tanks

  • Top quality sound effects and
    music enhancing the cyberpunk mood

  • 3D game world with astonishing
    special effects

  • User-friendly interface and easy
    camera control with full rotation and zoom

COPS 2170: The Power of the Law will
be available for purchase at all major retailers at a suggested retail price of
$39.99. Rated Teen by ESRB. For more information on COPS 2170: The Power of Law
please visit the official game website:

About MiST land – South

MiST land – South was formed in 2003
and includes a young, dynamic development team that has years of experience in
developing games. The main office is based in Zelenograd (Russian Silicon
Valley). At this time, the company has completed COPS 2170: The Power of Law and
is working on three big projects which include: Jagged Alliance 3D (Q2 2005
release), ALFA: Antiterror (Q1 2005 release), and Warfare: Desert Winds (Q4 2005
release). Further information on MiST land – South and its products can be found

About Strategy First

Strategy First Inc. is a leading
developer and worldwide publisher of entertainment software for the PC. Founded
in 1990, the company has grown rapidly, publishing major games in the industry
and simultaneously developing its own in-house titles such as O.R.B. and
Disciples II. After winning numerous awards for games such as Disciples: Sacred
Lands, Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns, Steel Beasts, Galactic Civilizations, and
Jagged Alliance, Strategy First continues to push the gaming envelope with its
own groundbreaking titles, while maintaining its reputation as a unique
alternative for independent developers seeking to market their games to a
worldwide audience.