Contra 4 Blasts Into Retail Stores Nationwide

November 13, 2007

Contra 4 Blasts Into
Retail Stores Nationwide

Quintessential Action Franchise
Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary With New Gameplay Elements, Full Cooperative
Multiplayer Mode and Bonus Content Delivered in Larger-Than-Life Sequences on
the Nintendo DS

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc,
today announced Contra 4 for the Nintendo DS(tm)has shipped to retail outlets
nationwide. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the popular action franchise,
Contra 4 features 2D side-scrolling action that recalls the retro feel of the
original fan favorite with the added bonus of massive battles that utilize both
screens of the Nintendo DS(tm).

"In celebration of the franchise’s
20th anniversary, we wanted to bring back the retro look and feel of classic
Contra while still providing fresh, compelling content," said Anthony Crouts,
Vice President of Marketing for Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. "Well adapted
to the Nintendo DS’s dual screens, Contra 4 provides an action-packed experience
for seasoned Contra players as well as new fans of the franchise."

Taking place two years after the
events of Contra III: The Alien Wars, Contra 4 forces our heroes into battle
against an army of alien invaders, including the return of the terrifying Black
Viper. Players must dodge, shoot, and jump over obstacles and enemies coming at
them from every direction. Unique to the series, Contra 4 introduces a grappling
hook accessory that provides players a means to grab onto structures above,
allowing them to move seamlessly from screen to screen on the DS. Pushing the
limits of the Contra franchise to new heights, the grappling accessory also
grants players the strategic use of environmental elements for timely escapes,
better vantage points for devastating attacks and it becomes crucial in
defeating the massive bosses that take up both screens of the Nintendo DS.

Contra 4 offers cooperative gameplay
that allows up to two players to join forces and defeat Black Viper’s alien army
for the continued existence of mankind. Recruit a friend and let the battle for
Earth commence!

Contra 4 also incorporates a wealth
of in-game bonus content commemorating 20 years of the run and gun action
franchise, including: 20th Anniversary Virtual Museum – A virtual history of the
Contra franchise since the 80’s, including box art, screen shots and information
on every version of Contra from the US, Japan and Europe. The museum also
features an unlockable gallery of bonus art. Unlockable Games – The NES versions
of the classic Contra and Super C are now unlockable. 5 unlockable characters,
including the Probotector from the European version of the Contra games. 2
unlockable digital comic books from longtime Contra artist, Atsushi Tsujimoto.
An interview with noted Contra Producer Nobuya Nakazato. Contra 4 is rated "T"
for Teen and is now available on the Nintendo DS in retail outlets nationwide
for the SRP of $29.99. For more information on the game and the Contra
franchise, please visit: