Consumer interest in the Wii U pales in comparison to the Wii

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata recently stated that the Wii U was a device meant to appeal to the hardcore crowd. After having garnered mass popularity among casual gamers with the Wii and DS (though the handheld had way more core games), the Nintendo boss said the company was focused on bringing back the folks who play games a bit more seriously.

It looks like that may be a challenge, though, because a recent poll taken by dealnews suggests that not a lot of individuals are all that interested in shelling out the cash for a Wii U. As a matter of act, most individuals who took the survey said that they were probably not going to buy the console.

According to the survey, 75 percent of gamers aren't planning on buying a Wii U. Even more noteworthy is the fact that 64 percent of current Wii owners also stated that they had no intention of purchasing the Big N's next home console.

Now, this is one survey by a single website, so these numbers, while still somewhat indicative of Nintendo's position in the games market, obviously aren't representative of the entire market. Still, if there's one thing to take from this survey it's that Nintendo is in a weird place right now. After having alienated third-party devs and core gamers alike with the Wii, it's likely that it will be a true test for the company when it attempts to win everyone back with the Wii U.


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