Conquest of the Aegean Is Updated

February 29, 2008

Conquest of the Aegean Is Updated

A new v3 update for this continuous time
wargame advances to the front

Matrix Games and Panther Games are pleased to
announce that another major update is now available for the pausable continuous
time World War II wargame, Conquest of the Aegean. This third updated will fixes
all known issues in addition to improving several scenarios and adding multiple
reinforcement schedules to increase replay value.

As an added bonus, the update also includes two
brand new scenarios with some significant new content. Gamble and Scramble is a
hypothetical scenario covering a major Allied counter offensive against the
German main supply route in Greece. Bir el Gubi covers the famous North African
desert battle at the outset of Operation Crusader. A new map of the Bir el Gubi
area is included and new estabs sufficient to cover all the major force types
that participated in the 1941 desert battles have been added!

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix
Games, said “This new update for Conquest of the Aegean improves upon an already
respected and beloved game that stands among the most realistic operational
simulations ever developed. The challenges of the Greek campaign have never been
better presented than in Conquest of the Aegean and the new desert battle takes
it in a new and exciting direction.”

Click here to download the new Conquest of the Aegean patch.

In Conquest of the Aegean, players get to take on
the role of either an Allied or German commander during World War II and match
their wits against either a computer controlled opponent or a human opponent via
LAN or the internet. You can play as the Allies in a desperate fight to maintain
a foothold on the southern flank of Europe using the mountainous Greek terrain
to achieve concealment and surprise. Or, the for the more aggressive commanders
among us, you can fight as the Axis who are tasked with driving as hard and fast
as possible into Greek territory to assure an expedient and inexpensive victory.

Based off of the very successful Airborne
Assault: Highway to the Reich, this operational “pausable continuous time”
strategy game represents a major step forward from its predecessor. Not only
does Conquest of the Aegean take you to a new theatre of the Second World War,
but also major changes to the game have been made engine to make it an even more
detailed and realistic recreation of WWII combat. To breathe fresh life into
Airborne Assault while still capturing the strategically intense but fun
gameplay that came with previous titles in the series, Conquest of the Aegean
includes a realistic resupply system, a vastly enhanced interface, and improved
weather patterns, all complemented by 20 brand new maps and 30 brand new

This update is comprehensive and will bring the
game up to version 3.3.147E.