Conleth Hill AKA Varys from Game of Thrones Originally Auditioned For a Much Different Role

Looking back, they made the right choice, but who was he originally pitching as?

Conlith Hill, also known as Varys, the Master of Whispers in Game of Thrones, has been noted to sneak his way into one of the most prominent characters of the series, as his former title would imply. But did you know Hill actually auditioned for a much different role?

The quiet, cunning, card shark of a character is a much different role, compared to who Hill was originally going for. That role was King Robert Baratheon, the loud and boisterous king that starts the whole game of thrones, to begin with.

Perhaps Hill has a much broader acting range than expected, but seeing his successful role as Varys leads many to think King Robert would have been a poor fit. Varys seems to treat life like a game of chess, while King Baratheon probably wouldn't even know how to play.

[Via Huffington Post]