Confirmed: Skate 4 is not happening

Sorry grungeheads

Skate 4 has been hyped up for several days now after the studio's community manager began posting teaser tweets. It got people hyped up for a reveal today during EA's financial briefing, but the news was on the wrong side for the game's fans.

Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, said during their briefing that the company is "not currently making Skate 4". A lot of fans have been excited about a new game, especially after the most recent game Skate 3 went backward compatible on Xbox One. Skate 3 released in 2010 and the most recent boarding game in Tony Hawk 5 was a disaster at launch. 

Skate became famous more for its glitches than actual gameplay, but anything is possible right. For now, I wouldn't hold your breath, but EA does have a lot of games on the menu like a new Need for Speed this fall. Anything else on EA will most likely get revealed during their EA PLAY event at E3 in June, so stay tuned for now.