Conan Exiles Trailer Reveals Amazing Looking Building System

"Home is where you keep the hearts of your enemies"

Conan Exiles, A game set in the Conan the Barbarian world, had a new trailer released today showcasing the building mechanics in the game, as well as crafting, defending and fighting.

We've recently seen a video covering a basic overview of survival in Conan Exiles. Now we're shown how building out the world actually works. Another big surprise in the video below is the reveal of massive avatars of gods that spawn in the world and destroy everything, making things difficult for everyone.

According to creative director Joel Bylos, "Building is a big part of Conan Exiles and you will need to build smart and build strong in order to defend yourself from the environment, cannibals, monsters, and of course enemy players. We are working hard to make sure players have powerful tools to build and defend their kingdoms." He also humorously explains, "They say that home is where your heart is, but in Conan Exiles, home is where you keep the hearts of your enemies."

Steam Early Access for Conan Exiles releases on PC on January 31. The game will launch on Xbox One's Game Preview program sometime in Spring while no news for PlayStation 4.

Developer Funcom will be hosting a live stream on Twitch today, showing off the game's building and crafting system. It will be hosted on their Twitch Channel starting at 1 PM EST.

[Via Gamespot]