Complete Battlefield 3 Equipment and Gadgets List

Battlefield’s tactical-team play is one of the many reasons the game is being hyped up among gamers. This tactical play is not all about guns though; to conquer a Battlefield 3 battle you will also need gadgets and equipment. DICE’s upcoming title is launching with the biggest list of gadgets and equipment to date, all of which can be seen below:

Grenades / Mines / Explosives
– M67 hand grenade
– M18 smoke grenade
– Claymore anti-personnel mine
– M15 anti-tank mine
– C4 explosives

– Medkit (Assault class)
– Defibrillators (Assault)
– Ammo pack (Support)
– Welding tool (Engineer)
– Motion sensor (Recon)
– SOFLAM laser designator / marker (Recon)

– M224 60mm Mortar
– M26 MASS
– M320 launcher
– EOD Bot
– MAV Micro UAV