Company of Heroes 2 screens show off dramatic weather conditions

The original Company of Heroes delivered an exhilarating strategy experience for PC gamers. Due out in 2013, Company of Heroes 2 has some big expectations to meet, and it looks like the game is right on track to deliver a great follow-up to THQ and Relic Entertainment's 2006 hit.

One of the main priorities for Relic as far as Company of Heroes 2 is concerned is delivering authenticity to players. This includes the game's weather conditions. Because Company of Heroes 2 takes place on the Eastern Front, you can expect harsh freezing conditions courtesy of the new Essence Engine 3.0 and ColdTech system.

Raging blizzards will affect battle conditions, and you'll have to watch out for harsh weather and prepare for it properly. Case in point: Extreme cold can cause people to freeze to death in real life, and you can bet that will be the case in Company of Heroes 2. Aside from your troops turning into human popsicles, you'll also witness realistic snow conditions. Not only will you see snow begin to cover vehicles and buildings, but it will also melt, and you'll be able to remove it from surfaces, too

If you were a fan of the first game, you should definitely watch out for Company of Heroes 2. The game may just provide a worthwhile experience for strategy buffs and fans of the previous title. And with the new weather physics, gamers are in store for a dramatic and realistic military experience on the PC. Watch out for it early next year.

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