Community superstar Marcus ‘ENB’ working on Dark Souls 2 strategy guide

Praise the Sun! From Software and Namco Bandai have been doing a pretty remarkable job in highlighting fans and community members to help promote Dark Souls II. Between fan created shields, a free comic, and posting community videos on social media – the tight knit community only gets stronger.

This leads me to one of my personal favorite Souls franchise community member, Marcus ‘Epic Name Bro,’ revealing a pretty huge project he’s been working on. The German guide publishers,  Future Press, has hired ENB to create a strategy guide for Dark Souls II. Marcus knows his [email protected]#$ and I’d have a difficult time trusting another person to make a guide than him. After I finish DSII, I may buy the guide just to support him.

ON TOP, of all this, Marcus has said:




This blows my mind and has completely reenergized my excitement for Dark Souls II. ENB adores Dark Souls and for him to say he is enjoying the sequel better – I can’t even handle this. WHERE ARE YOU MARCH 11TH!?