Commander in Chief Launches Tomorrow

January 19, 2009


Geo-political game lets players
make critical decisions starting tomorrow, just like President Obama

Commander in Chief, a PC game that
puts players in President Obama’s shoes, launches tomorrow, Inauguration Day.
Just like the President, players immediately face the same problems and
challenges as in the real world – the economy, controlling the military,
national security and terrorism, natural disasters, alternative energy sources,
and many others – all with the persistent threat of a terrorist attack on a
major U.S. city.

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Commander in Chief

The game can be played alone, or,
with an Internet connection up to 16 friends.

Commander in Chief is played on a
detailed 3D world map on a screen similar to cable news programs – multiple
windows, scrolling tickers, and on-screen video inserts. To make the
geo-political simulation as close to “real world” as possible, each of the 192
countries in Commander in Chief has current data on 400 key factors provided by
50 international organizations including the United Nations, G7, NATO, NAFTA,
OPEC, and many other respected sources.

The game has generated national
television coverage, print coverage including The New York Times, and has been
featured on political Internet sites. Media interest outside the U.S. has been
extensive, reaching major publications in Europe, Australia, Singapore, and
throughout Asia.

Think you can do better than
President Obama on issues such as unemployment, the environment, social
security, or foreign relations? Here’s your chance! Commander in Chief will be
available at retail stores nationwide and online at starting on
Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009.

Commander in Chief was developed by
Eversim, published by IGS (Interactive Gaming Software based in Maryland), and
distributed in North America by Atari Distribution.

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