Commander – Europe at War Gold Now Available!

May 21, 2009

Commander – Europe at War Gold
Now Available Re-launch of acclaimed WWII Grand Strategy game, free update for
existing owners!

Matrix Games and Slitherine are
thrilled to announce the release of Commander – Europe at War Gold! This is a
fully updated version of the acclaimed WWII grand strategy game Commander –
Europe at War and owners of the original release can download a free v1.12
update to bring their copies up to the Gold version.

David Heath, Director of Operations
at Matrix Games, said “The Commander – Europe at War Gold release is a fantastic
opportunity to pick up a great strategy game. With a system that is simple to
learn but engaging for veteran gamers, Commander – Europe at War Gold will stay
on your hard drive for a long time to come!”

Commander – Europe at War Gold
includes a new Fast Play mode with six additional campaigns as well as a slew of
other improvements and fixes since the original release. This brings the PC
version of the game to the same level as the recent releases for the Nintendo DS
and Sony PSP.

Commander – Europe at War Gold
thrusts the player into the command of either the Axis or the Allies during
World War II. With only two goals at hand, survive and conquer, the player is
charged with building and commanding the combined air, land and sea forces of
his side. Advance your research to the cutting edge of technology in order to
best your opponents and either conquer or liberate Europe!

Commander – Europe at War Gold is
easy to learn and elegant, but deep in strategy and hard to master. Players will
find themselves glued to their chairs from the beginning when all mayhem breaks
loose across the continent with the invasion of Poland in 1939. Research new
technologies, manage your manpower reserves, improve your industry, husband your
oil supply and manufacture armies, fleets, and bombers to use all available
strategic and tactical might to bring about victory. Commander – Europe at War
Gold includes realistic combat resolution that models supply morale, terrain,
leadership, equipment, training, strategic weapons and fog of war. To capture
the immense scope and distance of WWII, Commander – Europe at War Gold includes
a Fast Play mode with 6 campaigns as well as 6 more epic campaigns with
different starting points, including the famous Barbarossa campaign, D-Day, the
battle for France, and finally the Grand Campaign that will let the player
refight the entirety of the Second World War the way they see fit!

Gamers who already own Commander –
Europe at War do not need to purchase Commander – Europe at War Gold. Instead,
just download and install the free v1.12 update from the Matrix Games downloads
page and you’ll be upgraded to the Gold level.

Click here to download
Commander – Europe at
War Gold Edition Patch v1.12

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Europe at War Gold from its official product