Comics Vs. Games features indie dev and comic artist duos

I love spending my time reading comic books and playing video games. The video games you probably knew about considering I write for a site called GameZone, but comic books are just another entertainment form I truly appreciate.

Both worlds have collided at Comics Vs. Games, an event in Toronto that showcases five indie games. Each title is created by one game developer and one comic book artist.

Comics Vs. Games is being hosted by TIFF Nexus, with indie game creator Miguel Sternberg (Capybara co-founder, They Bleed Pixels developer) acting as jam leader. The event started out at the Magic Pony yesterday, and it will run until May 3. That's when Comics Vs. Games will be moved over to the Toronto Comics Art Festival on May 5 and May 6.

Check out the event trailer right above all of my pretty writing to catch a glimpse at the extraordinarily artsy games on display. This is why I love Canada, people, and this is why sometimes I wish I lived over there. Well, that and the storied professional wrestling history.

[TIFF Nexus]

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