Comic-Con 2012: High Moon Studios developing Deadpool video game

As expected Activision and High Moon Studios revealed their new superhero game at the San Diego Comic-Con Marvel panel, but it may not be what we expected. While many thought we could see a new Avengers game given the popularity, but it looks like the minds behind Transformers: Fall of Cyberton have decided to go a different route, with perhaps a riskier and lesser-known super hero.

Activision and High Moon Studios will be creating a Deadpool video game. And don't let my "lesser-known" comment give you the perception that Deadpool is lame. In fact, he is quite the badass, though slightly disfigured and mentally unstable.

Voiced by Nolan North (because he does every voice these days), Deadpool is a loud-mouthed killer with, as you'll see in the trailer, corny one-liners and multiple personalities. Upon first viewing of the trailer, Deadpool reminds me a lot of Duke Nukem. His over-the-top personality (or rather, personalities), obsession with boobies, and just overall cocky persona(s) are very reminiscent of "The King". You'll see what I mean in the trailer.