Come back to Age of Conan, play for free, and level up twice as fast!

November 11, 2009

Come back to Age of Conan,
play for free, and level up twice as fast!

– Re-evaluation launches with
double experience boost throughout November –
– Continue subscribing and secure a spot in The Secret World beta test
plus more –

Funcom has decided to repeat the
successful re-evaluation campaign that went live earlier this year for the
best-selling massively multiplayer online role-playing game ‘Age of Conan:
Hyborian Adventures’
.  Previously active players are encouraged to come
back to the game and play free of charge for two entire weeks. As an additional
incentive for players to come back and play for free, they will also receive a
double experience boost throughout their free period. Those who decide to
continue playing beyond their free period can also look forward to fantastic
rewards such as guaranteed access to the beta test for The Secret World,
a free copy of the expansion and more.

“We are very proud of what have been able to do with the game since launch,”
says Morten Larssen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Funcom. “The game
has grown and improved at a remarkable pace, and we continue to introduce new
content, new features and new improvements. We are introducing these fantastic
rewards as we know that coming back to an MMO demands effort, and we want to
make sure that as many former players as possible are exposed to the new and
improved ‘Age of Conan’.”

Besides receiving an incredible experience boost throughout November, players
who choose to continue subscribing to the game after their free period can look
forward to a range of exclusive rewards:

  • Subscribing for 1 month gives 7 days
    extra game time for no additional cost

  • Subscribing for 3 months also
    guarantees a spot in open beta for The Secret World

  • Subscribing for 6 months also gives
    a level 40 helmet with a 10% XP modifier

  • Subscribing for 12 months also gives
    a free copy of the Rise of the Godslayer expansion

    In addition, the rewards for the lower tier subscriptions are also included in
    the higher tier subscription, which means that you will get all these exclusive
    rewards if you choose to subscribe for 12 months. This is a time-limited offer
    only, and is also available to current players. Players who have signed up for
    these subscription plans in October have already secured their respective
    reward. The Secret World beta reward includes access to the later stages
    of the closed beta, and a date for access will be announced later. The free
    download of the expansion will become available when the expansion launches.

    New players are also encouraged to take advantage of these offers. New players
    who purchase the game now and signs up for one of these subscription plans will
    also have secured their respective rewards.

    Since launching last year, ‘Age of Conan’ has seen a vast number of
    improvements, new content and new features. In fact, the game has received such
    a significant make-over that Funcom decided to create a new website that
    introduces both former players and everyone else about how the game has grown.
    Previous players will find new content such as the adventure region of Ymir’s
    , new dungeons such as The Iron Tower, and new features such as
    the player vs. player notoriety system and a complete re-design of the items and
    character statistics mechanics of the game. The technology platform has also
    been vastly improved, allowing for better performance across a wide range of
    computer systems.


    ‘Age of Conan’
    new website!