Combat Command 2: Danger Forward Demo Released!




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Command 2: Danger Forward Demo Released!


NC, October 23, 2000


Games announced today that the demo for Combat Command 2: Danger Forward is
available for download on their website. Details on this demo and other
related Combat Command 2: Danger Forward information can be found at

Command 2: Danger Forward is a unique game system that authentically recreates
the most exciting engagements of WWII. Emphasizing command control and
combined arms, the first volume of the series, Danger Forward, focuses on the
Mediterranean and Western Front, from 1940-1945. Innovative rules, including
the most detailed treatment of paradrops and amphibious landings ever in a
computer wargame, make Combat Command a unique and exciting gaming experience.


Arnesen, Director of Covert Operations for Shrapnel Games, said, "I have
long been a fan of WWII and WWII games and I for one have been waiting for
Dave (Erickson) and Mike (Cooney) to finish the work on this one so I can play
it myself. I have always preferred small, localized designs that showcase the
need for specific rules to display the real problems a airborne or amphibious
force faced, instead of a large "general" design that throws
everything into a kettle and calls it all the same."


in 1999, Shrapnel Games is the premier war and strategy game publisher who has
published such hits as Horse and Musket (86% by PC Gamer), Armies of
Armageddon WDK2K (95% by, Brigade Combat Team (Used by armies
around the world as a training tool), and Steel Beasts (Combatsim’s Top Pick,
Game Center’s Editor’s Choice, 94%, and numerous other
awards). Formed by industry veteran Timothy Brooks, developer of such award
winning games as Wages of War and 101: The Airborne Invasion of Normandy, it
continues to bring bright new games to the forefront with promising games such
as Combat Command 2: Danger Forward (the first modern wargame to highlight
exciting WWII air and sea operations) waiting in the wings. As Shrapnel Games
continues to grow and develop we are always looking for new developers,
programmers, artists, testers, and the like who have a strong love of gaming
and an enterprising spirit.


more information, please contact:

W. Brooks 

#164 952 US Hwy 64 

Apex, NC 27502-7184 

[email protected]


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