Com2uS Releases World of Tunes on Apple App Store

May 12, 2009

Com2uS Releases World of Tunes on
Apple App Store

Com2uS today announced that World of
Tunes is now available on the Apple App Store. World of Tunes is an
easy-to-learn iPhone and iPod touch game for all ages, where players must help
the Tuneys, passive creatures who value peace, love and harmony, defend
themselves from the evil Robotica, who are bent on destroying music. The only
way to beat the Silence Overlord, of course, is through music-and it’s up to
players to keep the rhythm and save the Tuneys.

World of Tunes features addictive
gameplay that fully utilizes the innovative Multi-Touch user interface of the
devices and includes great music and stunning graphics. Each of the 10 colorful
stages, playable at three difficulty levels and in four different modes,
features a puzzle background that is revealed as players successfully keep the

World of Tunes is available
for $4.99 from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

For more information about this and
other Com2uS games for iPhone and iPod touch please visit