Collector’s Items Announced for Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu

Ubi Soft Entertainment, Mattel Inc., DC Comics
and Warner Bros. Consumer Products Announce Exclusive Collector’s Items for the
Upcoming Videogame Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu

Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu videogames including the special collector’s items will
be available through Pre-Order on September 4

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – September 4, 2003 – Batman fans and toy collectors alike
have a reason to celebrate! Ubi Soft Entertainment joins with Mattel Inc., DC
Comics, and Warner Bros. Consumer Products to commemorate the launch of a new
villain in the Batman universe by creating special collector’s items exclusively
for the Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu videogame. Developed and published by Ubi Soft
Entertainment, 15,000 copies of Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu Commemorative Edition
will include an exclusive Mattel(tm) Batman action figure and another 15,000
Commemorative Edition units will include an exclusive Mattel Batgirl action
figure.  Both will be dressed in classic costumes – Batman in his classic blue
and grey costume and Batgirl in classic black and yellow. These rare,
Commemorative Edition products can be purchased at GameStop  and Electronics
Boutique  and are
available now through pre-order.


Additionally, comic book fans and gamers alike will be thrilled to learn that an
exclusive Commemorative Lithograph Edition for the Nintendo GameCube(tm) only
will include a four color, two-sided Sin Tzu lithograph designed by comics
legend and Sin Tzu co-creator Jim Lee.  The Commemorative Edition lithograph
features both Sin Tzu and Batman on the front and Sin Tzu’s biography on the
back, written by Sin Tzu co-creator Flint Dille.

This exclusive Commemorative Lithograph Edition for Nintendo GameCube is
available now through pre-order at GameStop
  and Electronics Boutique .  All retailers will offer
this exclusive product at launch while supplies last. 

Developed by Ubi Soft’s Montreal Studios, Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu stays true to
the Batman franchise with intense, action-packed gameplay and challenging
villains.  Featuring Batman’s loyal allies Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl, the
game also includes a brand new enemy unlike any Batman has ever battled, Sin
Tzu, plus three other villains never before seen in a Batman video game:
Clayface, Scarecrow, and Bane. 

A master in the deadly art of war, Sin Tzu is driven by a lone desire –  to
conquer.  Scouring the world in search of only the worthiest adversaries, Sin
Tzu has descended upon Gotham City to defeat the Caped Crusader.  Game features

*       Two-Player Cooperative Gameplay: Go at it alone as Batman or recruit
backup.  Invite a friend into the battle as Nightwing, Robin, or Batgirl in
two-player cooperative fighting mode.

*       35 Batman Attacks: Topple Sin Tzu’s soldiers of crime with more than 35
martial arts moves and dazzling combos.

*       12 Levels: Battle your way through the Gotham City Docks, Crime Alley,
Arkham Asylum and more.

*       Play as Batman, Robin, Nightwing, or Batgirl in single-player mode: Each
character features unique fighting moves.

*       Bonus Content: 27 minute "Making of a Villain" documentary with
commentary by Sin Tzu’s co-creators, comics legend Jim Lee and award-winning
scriptwriter Flint Dille.

Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu has an ESRB rating of "T" for Teen and will have a
suggested retail price of $39.99.  It is scheduled to ship mid-October 2003.

About Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu:

A revolutionary new era in Batman history begins with the introduction of the
new character, Sin Tzu.  Beyond madness, beyond evil, Sin Tzu is an enemy unlike
Batman has ever battled. He is a master in the deadly art of war, driven by a
single desire: to conquer. Scouring the world in search of only the worthiest
adversaries, Sin Tzu has descended upon Gotham City and marshaled the infamous
villains Bane, Clayface, and Scarecrow into a superior fighting force against
the Caped Crusader. In turn, Batman has called upon his allies Robin, Nightwing,
and Batgirl to stem the tide of this new rising evil.

About Ubi Soft(r) Entertainment:

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