Cloud Storage Comes to Playstation Plus

One of the coolest new features of Xbox Live is the cloud storage of game saves, letting players import their save game onto any Xbox console and continue playing. It seems the popularity of this service hasn't escaped rival manufacturer Sony, who has just revealed the details about their own online storage service for members of Playstation Plus. 

Every member of the monthly service (about $5 a month depending on your payment plan) recieves 150MB of storage for their game saves. Up to 1,000 saves can be stored, though sadly only PS3 data is compatible with the service (so if you've got a backwards compatible PlayStation 3, tough luck). Copy-protected save data can be uploaded and downloaded, but only once every 24 hours. We're not sure what the reason is for this restriction, though it seems possible some games aren't comfortable with players moving their save data around constantly, for fear of duplication (like with say, an MMO account). 

Also, you cannot transfer Afrika saves. EVER. We have no idea why this restriction, but you just can't, ok? Don't even think about trying to store your virtual Zebra snapshots on the cloud server, or Sony operatives will hunt you down and break your legs. 

For details on how to save your games to the online storage, check the official Sony Q&A here.