Cliff Bleszinski Clarifies His ‘Haters’ Comment on Gears of War 3 Reviews

In an earlier post, it was reported that Epic Games Lead Designer Cliff Bleszinski was “upset” over an 8/10 review on Gears of War 3. Addressing the statement, which has ballooned out of control, Cliffy B clarified via Twitter:

“In my heart I believe this is the best game this studio has ever produced in its 20 year history. Taking jokes out of context is not “news.””

While it does sound like he’s trying to backpedal on his words, it could’ve been that his words were taken out of context. Whether he was joking or not, it was still a pretty bold to call out a reviewer and he had to expect people would react that way. I, personally, don’t hold his comments against the guy. He was simply answering a question, and the media saw an opportunity to pounce on it.

Should it have been said? Probably not. Was he really “joking”? We’ll never really know. Personal experience tells me when people say something wrong or are misinterpreted they often go to the “it was a joke” line.

Whatever his reasoning, or meaning, I do agree on one thing. Gears of War 3 is a great game. It may not be the best the studio has ever produced, but to each their own. All I know for sure is that Horde 2.0 is fun as hell.