Cliff Bleszinski goes bald for cancer

Video game designer Cliff Bleszinski, will be receiving a new look at 1pm today due to his recent participation with the St.Baldrick's Foundation. As a symbol of solidarity with children battling cancer, his head will be shaved at Hibernian Restaurant & Pub after meeting the goal of the fundraiser ($10,000 in donations). With Cliff's help, the foundation raised an extra 46.7% ($4,688) which makes for a total of $14,688 in donations. The entirety of donations will serve as funding for childhood cancer research. According to Chad Lakkis of Ripten, the event will be recorded then shared via twitter.

For more information regarding the St.Baldrick's Foundation, visit 
On a side note, after analyzing the male/female ratio of participants, I'm not surprised that the majority are male (4,019 Male/7,468 Female). When I think of Cliff's success in raising thousands for a such a great cause, I can't help but wonder if a female participant (someone particularly in the gaming industry) has the potential to raise a larger amount. Hmm…
[UPDATE] The video was uploaded to Youtube a few hours later. You can view it here