Classic DLC coming to SSX

The newest addition to the SSX franchise is fantastic: over-the-top gameplay with gorgeous vistas from across the globe. In fact, we loved it enough to give it an 8, calling it "an experience that longtime fans will embrace, and newcomers will surely fall in love with." Some, though, find the newest SSX to be too serious, even too difficult in comparison to older titles. Those folks will happy to know that classic DLC is on the way for SSX, and will indeed be "tricky." 

Come May 1, fans will be able to purchase the SSX Mt. Eddie Pack & Classic Characters Bundle Pack for $7.99, or each of them separately for $5.99 a piece (Microsoft Points not considered by EA).

Mt. Eddie offers nine intense drops filled with fireworks, death-defying tricks, and other classic SSX track features. In addition, the Eddie DLC will include two "retro" SSX tracks that will embrace the classic feel. According to EA, the Classic Characters Bundle Pack add-on will offer players  "seven [unnamed] classic SSX characters from SSX 3 and Tricky, each with various outfits and their own unique snowboard." 

SSX still reigns as king in the snowboarding genre, and this news only makes happier that EA hasn't forgotten its roots with the series. Which DLC do you plan to pick up on May 1? Let us know by commenting below. 

Source: [GameInformer]