Clash of Clans update Sneak Peek #4: Clan XP and Perks

Clans are leveling up

Following a weekend of sneak peeks for the upcoming Clash of Clans update, Supercell Games has… delivered to us another. Unlike the previous teasers, though, this one goes a bit more into depth as it's sort of a major feature.

With the new update, Supercell will be implementing Clan XP and Clan Perks. According to Supercell, you'll be able to earn experience by competing in Clan Wars, level up your clan and earn perks, prestige, and "fancy" badges. An example of the Clan Perks is shown below. You'll notice that the Header displays the current Clan level (level 10) and the perks the Clan has access to.

Clan Perks

That's all that was teased today, but previous sneak peeks for the new update include:

Supercell hasn't announced when the update will roll out, but I'm assuming, based on the teasers, that it'll be some time this week.