Civ gets competition with Sega’s turn-based historical strategy game Humankind

Rewrite history

Sega has unveiled a brand-new strategy IP with Humankind. The 4X turn-based strategy game is heavily inspired by the juggernaut of the genre Civilization and will come out for PC sometime in 2020. Check out the announcement trailer here!

Strategy might not be first genre one thinks about when hearing Sega, but the truth is, the Japanese publisher has been behind some of the most popular strategy games ever conceived. They simply are publishing them, not create them in-house. The Total War, Dawn of War, Company of Heroes and Endless Legend series are all published by Sega and developed by other studios.

Face historical events, lead renowned figures of humankind, and make scientific breakthroughs.
Discover the natural wonders of the world or build the most remarkable creations of humankind.
Each game element is historically authentic. Combine them to build your own vision of the world.
How will you Change the Course of HUMANKIND?

One of these is Amplitude Studios. The French studio are the creators of popular 4X games like Endless Legend and Endless Legend, and have thus proven their expertise in the sub-genre of exploring, expand, exploit, and exterminate. The unmatched masters of the slow-paced yet addicting 4X genre are Firaxis Games and their Civilization franchise, but with the talented folks at Amplitude and the backing of a large publisher like Sega, things could very well get heated in the sub-sub-genre of historical 4X games.

And it’s exactly here where Firaxis hasn’t encountered any serious competition. Most other games in this genre have mostly focused on the fantastic or futuristic, but rarely on the realistic historical setting. Humankind is doing exactly that. Featuring a whopping 60 historical cultures, players will have the chance to rewrite human history throughout the millenia.

Humankind is set to come out next year for PC.