City of Heroes Celebrates its Sixth Anniversary with the Release of Issue 17

April 28, 2010

City of Heroes Celebrates its
Sixth Anniversary with the Release of Issue 17

New graphics engine and new
content highlight the latest free update from Paragon Studios

The world’s longest-running and most
popular comic book-inspired MMORPG is celebrating six years of super-powered
heroes and villains with today’s release of “Dark Mirror,” City of Heroes’ 17th
major free update to the game. As the last update to the franchise before the
highly-anticipated launch of the City of Heroes Going Rogue expansion, Issue 17
“Dark Mirror” brings players intriguing new content, improved game systems and a
brand new look and feel.

Issue 17 “Dark Mirror” includes
“Ultra Mode,” a scalable and advanced graphics rendering process that delivers
superior lighting, real-time reflections, realistic shadows and reflective water
effects within the game. Players will experience this shining new world as they
explore the city and ultimately face their toughest opponent yet – themselves.
The all-new Doppelganger story arc pits heroes and villains against their alter
egos. Other Issue 17 features include:

  • New story arcs featuring advanced,
    never-before seen story-telling options

  • New badges, new player emotes and
    an often-requested feature, animated player tails

  • Epic Archetypes are now unlocked
    for both Heroes and Villains at level 20

  • New maps, giant monsters and
    greater customization with Mission Architect

  • Major enhancements to UI and game

In six years of heroism and
villainy, City of Heroes players have created tens of millions of characters and
hundreds of thousands of allied forces called Super Groups. And with seventeen
major free updates to the game since its release, Paragon Studios has continued
to deliver innovative features to players, including the revolutionary Mission
Architect system which gave fans the tools to create and share their own Story
Arcs for others to enjoy. Now with the upcoming arrival of the City of Heroes
Going Rogue expansion, players will have the chance to walk the line between
good and evil as their heroes and villains face moral choices that could change
them forever.

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