CID The Dummy Comes Smashing into your Life Today!

April 24, 2009

CID The Dummy Comes Smashing into
your Life Today!

Meet CID, the loveable and impact
resistant hero, as he is available today in a store near you!

CID is set in a near-future version
of our own planet, where an obsession with safety has grown to such an extent
that any product made or sold by anyone, has to pass a near-infinite list of
safety tests. Be it a steamroller, a plimsoll, or even a book, it’s got to be
safety checked by the Crash Impact Dummies! CID is one of these dummies, but he
is bored with life, he just wants an adventure! And he is about to get sent on
the mission of a lifetime…

Let Professor B M Werken show you
how to get a hang of CID’s tricks, skills and weapons in preparation for your

  • FIGHT: Learn from the Professor
    how to fight, beat your opponents – and watch out for those zombies!

  • SPRINT: You’ll need to gather up
    some speed to burst through walls and barriers – use the catapult to really
    gain some speed…

  • BAZOOKA: Use your bazooka, take
    aim at your targets and really blast ‘em!

  • PANIC: When all else fails –
    panic! Get that adrenalin going – who knows what you’re capable of!

So grab your bazooka and find out
for yourself!

CID The Dummy on Wii, Playstation 2,
PSP, and PC are out now!