Chris Redfield is Back in Action in Resident Evil 7’s New DLC ‘Not A Hero’

Chris Boulder Punching Redfield returns.

Resident Evil 7, the terrifying latest entry to the famous Capcom series, is receiving a free DLC pack called Not A Hero. We learned about Not A Hero's release date earlier this month, but a new gameplay video was revealed at the Tokyo Game Show 2017 this week. 

So who do we see right away? The one and only Chris Redfield. He's back and he's punching zombies. Resident Evil 7 was a departure from the usual Resident Evil formula, staying an all-new character without much reference to the older entries to the series. But this trailer brings back a classic hero.

In this trailer, Chris is seen investigating an outbreak and finding some strange dirt/moss zombie monsters. Not much information is shared, but the gameplay is shown to be similar to the standard game's formula.

This DLC is free for anyone who owns Resident Evil 7. It will release on December 12. Alongside this, the Gold Edition of the game will also be available the same day, collecting the main entry and all the DLC released thus far.

Resident Evil 7 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.