Chinese tanks to roll in with World of Tanks update 8.2

World of Tanks Update 8.2  will introduce a new line Chinese tanks, Wargaming announced today. The new line of steel behemoths from China includes 17 new armored vehicles.

The new Chinese tech tree will be composed of modifications on the Soviet, French, British, and American combat machines, and will also include a number of the Chinese-made tanks that never went into mass production.

"The Chinese not only produced their own tanks, but also evolved their own unique designs through the modification and improvement of some of the best foreign machines on the planet," said World of Tanks producer Mike Zhivets. "The time has come for the Chinese to show their technical achievements. So, prepare to face the speed, hardiness and firepower of the best of People's Liberation Army!"

Details about the line of Chinese tanks were vague, but Wargaming did explain that the Chinese "often featured the best possible traits from their foreign counterparts." They borrowed the maneuverability of the American tanks, the accuracy of the Brits, the fast firing of the French, and the power of the Soviets. Some notable tanks in the line include the light tank Type 62 (WZ131), the medium tank Type 59, and the heavy IS-2U.