Chillingo and 6ixset studios Release Touch KO On Apple App Store

July 29, 2009

and 6ixset studios Release Touch KO On Apple App Store

Highly Anticipated 3D boxing game
Uppercuts with the iPhone and iPod touch

iPhone publisher, Chillingo and
US-based game developer 6ixset studios today announced the immediate
availability of their definitive iPhone Boxing game, Touch KO on Apple App
Store. Touch KO is a 3D realistic boxing game that gives gamers a chance to
advance through a boxing career, starting from humble beginnings in a run-down
gym, all the way to the glamorous grand arena for the title fight. The game
features an impressive control scheme, intense character customization, unique
multi-touch and accelerometer capabilities of the device, and a whole slew of
upgrades to buy for your boxer.

Touch KO is the only boxing game on
the iPhone were you can completely customize your 3D fighter. You can choose
from a variety of different boxer models and different tattoo overlays for each
of them. Once finished you’re treated to a tutorial that explains the controls.
The movement of your boxer will be handled with your left and right thumbs.
Taps, swipes, and holds will result in jabs, hooks, uppercuts, blocks, and the

And then, you’re off to start your
career in the ring. Before each match you can choose what areas your character
will train in to increase his statistics. Winning matches will earn you cash
which you can use to buy new equipment and clothing.

The game randomly generates tougher
and tougher opponents as you rise through the ranks in career mode — the number
of possibilities is pretty staggering. The actual number you’ll fight from
amateur up to winning the final title fight will depend upon the player’s skill
and career choices. Each fight along with some cash, gives you bonuses for
winning. Each time you choose a new fight, you are given a few options of
different contracts to sign. Once you have earned enough popularity, you get a
shot at challenging the champ in your current tier to win his title and move
into the next tier. You also get a change of scenery and soundtrack as you move

“There has never been a more
visceral, precise and natural electronic simulation of hand-to-hand combat on
iPhone,” said Marta Miernik, Head of Marketing for Chillingo. “Touch KO is the
first game to conveys a convincing sense of the terrifying, ferocious,
relentless boxers fighting in the boxing ring on the iPhone. We’re very proud to
be bringing to the iPhone gaming community who are up for a quick match on their
launch hour.”

Designing Touch KO for the iPhone
and iPod touch from the ground up has kept the game from getting mired down in
technical or control issues the way that a lot of ported products can be. The
advanced engine technology powering this game doesn’t exist in a lot of console
or PC titles. Thanks to the team at Unity Technologies, 6ixset studios really
pushed this iPhone platform to places it hasn’t been before and believe that the
game can stand toe-to-toe with PSP or PS2 titles.

“Touch K.O. is a good choice for
iPod touch and iPhone owners who have wanted some portable boxing action,” said
Adam Machtley, of 6ixset studios. ”The graphics are solid, the control system is
easily to jump into, there are plenty of customization options, and it is simple
and fun to play. It is also a great way to work off that aggression on your
morning commute.”

Touch K.O. available now for $2.99
from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at