Child of Light creates become ‘core dev team’ at Ubisoft Montreal, exploring new projects

Let me preface this by first saying that I absolutely loved Child of Light. So I'm happy to hear the news the group behind the wonderfully-crafted RPG has not be installed as a "core development team" at Ubisoft Montreal.

Featuring turn-based combat and a unique art style powered by the UbiArt Framework engine, Child of Light certainly wasn't the type of game we were used to seeing from Ubisoft, but certainly the type that I'd love to see more of. Speaking to CVG, Ubisoft Montreal's VP of Creative, Lionel Raynaud said that he expects the studio to produce "more titles like Child of Light in the future."

"The team learned a lot about RPG mechanics during development and this has resulted in us creating a core team. The people who made this game now want to work together again, whether it's on a small game or not," he said. "This dynamic has incredible value in the industry and it's what we want to do: we want to create core teams that want to make great games."

I do too, Lionel, I do too.