Check out two of Sunset Overdrive’s Chaos Squad co-op missions

Yesterday, Insomniac Games released a video that provided a more in-depth explanation of Sunset Overdrive's Chaos Mode, the game's 8-player co-op mode. As explained, Chaos Mode offers various open-world missions before culminating in a Night Defense assault (which we played at E3). Today, Insomniac Games is revealing two of those "mini" missions in this week's episode of Sunset TV.

The first mission shown off involves you rebooting the Oxford's wifi towers around the city. "That's going to force one player to reboot the tower while the other seven have to defend them from a swarm of OD that are charging the rooftops," explained Sunset Overdrive community manager Brandon Winfrey.

The other mission will have you chase a Fizzco blimp around the city and place bombs on it before it escapes. "This forces the entire team to traverse and really work together transporting the bomb in order to place it on the blimp," Winfrey said. 

"The goal was to create a lot of missions that felt unique. We want people to play this for a long time to come, so in that respect gameplay variety is key."

Check out the latest episode of Sunset TV below. There's also a few fan questions involving  the game's leveling system and server setup.