Check out the silly moves you’ll have to perform with Dance Central 3

Unless you're a professional dancer, there's a good chance that you look silly when playing dancing games. But that hasn't stopped millions of wannabes from enjoying dance games like Dance Central 3.

Harmonix has released a new gameplay trailer for the popular Kinect dance game, giving you a heads up at the type of dance moves you'll be expected to mimic while also showing a few more tracks that haven't yet been announced. To date, Harmonix has revealed about 20 of the 40 tracks that come already on the Dance Central 3 disc.

Songs included with the game are "Sexy and I Know It", "Ice Ice Baby", "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)", just to name a few. Dance Central 3 has a new story mode that will take you back in time to learn the classic dance moves. Come October 19th, we'll all look silly together when attempting to dance to the oldies.