Check out the Elder Scrolls Online ‘Ask Us Anything of the Daggerfall Covenant Alliance’

If you are either extremely excited for Elder Scrolls Online or hugely into Elder Scrolls lore, you will definitely want to check out Part 1 of Ask Us Anything of the Daggerfall Covenant alliance.  I know for some people the background lore is often just as important of the current plot in the game, movie, book, whatever the medium is. Why does your attention lie in the Elder Scrolls?

Answers about the similarities in the Breton and Daggerfall Covenant crests, are the Redguards considered new to Tamriel, are the orcs still isolationists and are they being treated better, will the Alik’r Desert be alive, will the Crowns be an involved, will religious differences be an issue, will lycanthropy be a thing, and have the elves be pushed out of Hammerfall and High Rock will all be brought to light. Bethesda is bringing the lore to you and offering the answers to those questions which have be brewing in the back of your mind for some time now.   

If these questions peeked your interest, you can find the answers HERE.  For the rest of your, there is nothing else to do but just wait for ESO to be released. Gah, waiting.