Check out the awesome Lollipop Chainsaw calendar

The year is reaching its final day, so you know what that means. Yes, it's that time again. It's time for you to go out and get a new calendar to put up on your wall.

I'm good with any kind of calendar, really. I don't mind having a calendar with cars I know nothing about, old buildings, or animals as long as I get it for free. And for some reason, my sister is always getting WWE-themed calendars. I guess she has a thing for sweaty men in tights and trunks.

Still, even though I normally don't care what calendar adorns a random wall in my house, that has pretty much changed now. You see, Warner Bros. just revealed a very awesome Lollipop Chainsaw calendar. Siliconera posted the calendar up, and it's rife with awesome artwork featuring the game's lead protagonist Juliet Starling.

I'm really looking forward to Lollipop Chainsaw, and now I really want this calendar. You can check out the images below. But I warn you–doing so may make you want to throw out any 2012 calendar you may have already purchased so you can instead attempt to get your hands on this one.