Check out Mulder and Scully on set of The X-Files reboot

Only seven months until the show airs.

Filming has begun for The X-Files reboot after its 13-year commercial break. The series will be back for six episodes in the beginning of next year. There are tons of original team members reprising their role in the reboot, from show leads David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to series creator Chris Carter.

We have been given our first official look at Mulder and Sculler, behind-the-scenes! Thee duo definitely look older when the show left off 13-years ago, which makes sense… People age, especially after a decade.

Gillian Anderson teased a photo from the set two days ago showing off chairs with the names Mulder and Scully written on them along with text that read, "So it begins." As filming progresses we are bound to hear more tidbits, catch leaked images and perhaps even more on the script that caused Duchovny to cry.

Check out the first official image below:

The X-Files David Duchovny Gillian Anderson on Set

It's happening guys, it's happening.

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