Check out Enji’s phenomenal Videl (and other) cosplay

You have to hand it to cosplayers who practically live and breathe cosplaying. Especially given the fact that most of the costumes you see are all handmade. I came across a great picture of one of my favorite cosplayers, Enji Night, cosplaying as Videl from Dragon Ball Z. The Videl cosplay was absolutely perfect too.


Seems as though however the folks over at 9gag would rather make fun of it, instead of compliment at how great it looks, granted that the costume isn't that elaborate to begin with. So we're here to stand up for you Enji!

If you're unfamiliar with Enji's other great costumes, she's cosplayed as Super Girl, Mario, Kana and even Firefox him- herself.



super girl



You can check out Enji's full gallery over at her Deviantart, or check out her Facebook and show her some love.