Check out all the different Power-ups in Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World might have me just as excited as I once was for Galaxy. Sure it doesn't break new grounds in terms of level design, since we've already been treated to a 3D Land on the 3DS, but Nintendo sure is beefing the game up with tons of extras, and some sweet looking power-ups.

In the latest Japanese Introduction trailer, we really get a good look at the various gameplay mechanics, character mechanics and best of all, all the new powers that Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad will be able to utilize during their adventure. Keep in mind, since the video is in Japanese, the names of these power-ups might not be extremely accurate.

Let's break them all down here:

Suit Power-ups

Cat Suit

Cat Mario

Making its debut in Super Mario 3D World, this power-up might be a little overpowered when it comes to abilities, but that doesn't mean it isn't freaking awesome. Not only can you climb walls and flag poles to get the highest score, you can dash faster, swipe enemies with your claws and do a jump homing attack on the enemy. Will it overtake the Tanooki suit in terms of popularity? Probably not, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to try it out.

Double Cherry

Double Cherry

Another completely new power-up that will turn platforming on its head. When picked up, it splits the character in two and allows the player to then control two Marios at a time for instance. Keep picking these cherries up and you'll keep multiplying your number of Marios.

While it does seem like it might be tough to control all of them at once, it's certainly a unique power-up for the franchise as a whole.

Fire Flower

Fire Mario

Tried and true, this classic power-up might not be new and flashy, but it gets the job done. While Cat Mario and Tanooki Mario have to get up close and personal with various enemies, the Fire Flower can dispatch enemies at a distance, without even breaking a sweat.

Of course these bouncy shots can be used in various ways, more than just directly firing at your opponent. As showcased in the video, they have the ability to travel through pipes as well, hitting the enemies on the other side.

Tanooki Suit

Tanooki Suit

One of the most loved and iconic suits makes a return in Super Mario 3D World. Expect it to work as usual, giving Mario a handy tail spin attack, as well as the ability to glide and fly if enough speed and momentum is gained.

The super Tanooki Suit also makes a comeback, giving players that are having a hard time, or younger novice players an advantage by making them invincible.


Boomerang Mario

Fire Flower is awesome, but having the Boomerang makes Mario and the crew a bonafide badass. Why? Since the boomerang flies back to its thrower (as a boomerang should) it opens up for some awesome opportunities for slick trick shots. For example, you could throw the boomerang in front of you, knocking out a goomba, then as it flies back, jump over it, and let it knock out a goomba behind you.

Giant Mushroom

Giant Mario

Making a return from New Super Mario Bros., this power-up allows the character to grow huge, and not only decimate enemies around him, but parts of the level as well.

Think of this as turning into a Mario Godzilla of sorts. Nothing in your path is safe… Nothing.

Temporary Box Powers

Cannon Box

Cannon Mario

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe this power-up has been in any other Mario game before. From the looks of it, it allows Mario and the gang to don a cannon and shoot cannonballs at enemies. It also looks like the cannon shot can be charged. Neat!

Light Box

Light Box

Ghosts were a pain in past Mario games. Always lurking toward you when you're not looking, only to be minding their own business when you actually do look. Looks like you'll finally have a way to get rid of those pesky ghosts.

The Light Box power up allows you to take out ghosts while shining the light at them, making those haunted house treks that much easier.

Coin Box

Coin Box

Making a return from Super Mario 3D Land, the Coin Box allows its wearer to score some sweet coins, simply by running and jumping.

The trick to getting the most amount of coins through the Coin Box is by either running fast or do a butt stomp from a high distance. The sound of those coins entering your pockets is sweet, sweet bliss.

Helicopter Box

Helicopter Box

Probably a much cooler alternative to those little kid hats with the whirly helicopter on top. This power-up allows Mario and the gang to fly high into the sky, glide and then bring swift justice to those below with a powerful butt stomp.

Held Items


Baseball Mario

Mario's no stranger to America's favorite pastime. With multiple Baseball games under his belt, Mario's a natural at throwing it with conviction.

And from the looks of it, Mario and the crew will get their very own baseballs to throw at enemies. PLAY BALL!

Koopa Shell

Koopa Shell

Another completely iconic item that we like to use against the enemies that carry them. Poor Koopas, if only they remembered to wear their shells a bit better.

However, instead of just throwing it at enemies, you can get inside the Koopa Shell and run over them!

Goomba Suit

Goomba Mario

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em right? Who am I kidding, Mario beats everyone! However, if he does decide to have a little fun, he can disguise himself as a Goomba, and walk right past enemies as if he was one of them.

Let's consider this power-up for a second though shall we? Mario kills a Goomba, then takes his skin, and wears it as his own to fool other mindless minions that he's one of them. That's dark Mario. Really dark…

Ice-Skate Shoe

Ice Skates

Remember that somewhat cool, but mostly pointless power-up in Super Mario Bros. 3, the green shoe. It didn't really serve much purpose outside of allowing you to walk across piranha plants, but moving in it was a complete nightmare. Enter the Ice-Skate Shoe.

A much better and smoother traversal method if you ask me. This power-up will let you speed past enemies and navigate on icy terrain without sliding all over the place.

Piranha Plant

Piranha plant

Once a sworn enemy of the plumber, it now serves as his companion (in certain segments). The held Piranha plant will chomp away at anything that's before it, even enemies that Mario can't touch, making it a rather valuable ally.

Now if only Bowser recognized the errors of his ways, Mario could finally settle down, have some kids, grow old…

Make sure to look out for Super Mario 3D World on store shelves November 22nd.