Check out a couple images from the new .hack game

Back in December we reported that a new .hack game was in development. Though details were scarce, CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama confirmed that the game would be different from past entries in the .hack series. Rather than going for an anime art style, the new title is set to feature a more realistic presentation.

Additionally, the new .hack will likely be related to the upcoming film, which is due out later this month in Japan. Now that I've wrapped up everything we know so far, it's time to get to the new stuff. The funny thing is there's not a lot of new info on the new .hack title.

All we have are some new screens. I used one of them as the lovely header image of this news piece, and you can check out the second one below. Not bad, eh?

These images come courtesy of Famitsu. Unfortunately, I don't know a lick of Japanese, so I can't translate any of the fancy text. Here's hoping some details surface on the upcoming .hack game in English.