Check out 12 amazing minutes of Abzu’s incredible underwater grace

This game can't get here fast enough

If you're like me, you've been waiting for Abzu pretty much since you knew it was a thing when it was originally revealed back at E3 2014. Now almost two years later, the game is almost finally upon us with its release mere weeks away. The game is the second release in Sony's stellar PLAY 2016 indie initiative and borrows a few key cues from the epic adventure game, Journey.

Abzu has absolutely no HUD and very few control prompts to interrupt your view of its incredible world. The video showcases a lot of the basic beats and interactions that players can expect to have on their journey, such as riding a fish, uncovering drones, and the mysterious shark that will remain a big part of your adventure throughout the game.

The Abzu experience is meant to be a relaxing one. Instead of worry about your health or oxygen gauge, developer Giant Squid has stripped away those things to give players a beautiful and artistic world to explore that they can take their time being in. Abzu looks the part of a game that is going to remain relevant on the tongues of players for a long time to come, but we will find out for sure come August 2nd. 

Source: [PlayStation Access]