Chain Chronicle adopts the Chain Story Festival for booted recruitment

Key plot characters aren’t going to recruit themselves

As of today, Chain Chronicle has started a brand new event. I know what you’re thinking; didn’t the Attack of Demon Katarith Raid JUST end yesterday? The answer is yes. Well gosh darnit, the more events the better, right? Gumi once again proves that they aren’t lazy with updates and new content.

The purpose of the Chain Story Festival is to recruit, with higher rates, characters key to the story/plot of the game. These characters will have doubled the recruiting possibilities. These characters consist of 5 stars:

  • Demon of destruction Lolleta
  • Cadet Karen
  • Traveling Flame Kiki
  • Silver Wolf Guide Barienna  

There are a bunch of other character both four- and three-stars as well. The chance to obtain all the other characters still exist – the promotion simple increases the obtain rate of these key characters. It should also be noted that Holy Queen Juliana will NOT be included in this promotion, her time will come latter. All pulls will still cost 50 Prysma.

This event will go from January 26th to February 1st. Time to pray to the RNG gods. Best of luck!