CES 2017: Razer unveils Illumiroom-like Project Ariana and the ultimate 4K gaming laptop, Project Valerie

A projection system and multi-screened laptop

Deciding to continue their trend of giving their concepts names like Christine, Razer has come up with two completely cool and futuristic, but most likely to never hit the market, products. They're things we've seen conceptualized by companies like Microsoft, but hopefully, Razer has a little bit more focus to actually get these things into the hands of consumers. 

CES 2017: Razer unveils Projects Ariana and Valerie

The first product is Project Ariana, which is comparative to Microsoft's Illumiroom. Essentially it throws a projection on the wall behind your computer which will continue the image on the screen, designed to immerse you deeper into a game. There's a ton of fancy features packed into the system, but at the end of the day, it serves this singular purpose. 

CES 2017: Razer unveils Project Ariana and Valerie

Their second concept, Project Valerie, is even more ludicrous. An extension of their powerful Blade Pro, Valerie will pack three 4K displays for a crazy 12K experience. Like the auto calibration of Ariana, Valerie will automatically align the three displays perfectly for you. Whilst 12K gaming isn't quite possible at a steady framerate, even with Nvidia's GeForce 1080 powering the machine, this could be super handy for desktop users that deploy multiple screens for productivity. However, just like the equally bonkers modular PC Razer displayed several years ago, Valerie and Ariana are far from prime time. Something that isn't far from release that was shown off at CES, however, was Mass Effect: Andromeda, which you'll be able to play in 12K the same year that game is set!