CENTAURO add-on goes GOLD!

November 16, 2009

CENTAURO add-on goes GOLD!

Battlefront.com and 1C Company are thrilled to announce that the CENTAURO add-on
to the epic World War Two tactical wargame Theatre of War 2 : Africa 1943 has
just gone gold!

Theatre of War 2 – Centauro is going to go on sale this week,
and will be available for $25 plus S&H, for immediate download as well as mail
delivery, and only directly from
An attractive bundle of the base game and the add-on is going to be available as
well, at the reduced price of just $50.

Theatre of War 2 – Centauro is not a standalone game, it
requires ownership of the original english language Battlefront.com version of
Theatre of War 2.

Theatre of War 2 – Centauro is an expansion to the WW2
tactical ground combat simulation Theatre of War 2: Africa 1943 and is dedicated
to the Italian 131st Armored Division Centauro“ and the battles it took part in
North Africa, starting from December 1942 until mid-May 1943. Some of the
exciting new features include new desert and mountain landscapes of North Africa
on ten brand new maps accurately reconstructed according to historical
documents, ten new military vehicles such as the Semovente M40 tank destroyer,
the Carro Armato M13/40 medium tank or the Autoblinda AB 40 armored car, and
much more.