Celebrate the Roswell UFO incident with Google’s point-and-click adventure

Google is celebrating the 66th anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident today with a point-and-click interactive doogle on its home page.

For those unfamiliar, the Roswell incident dates back to 1947 when a mysterious airborne object crashed on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. Although official government explanation claim it was a weather balloon that had crashed, residents nearby maintain it was a UFO. Since the late 70s, thanks to research performed by Standon Friedman, the Roswell incident has become a staple alien conspiracy.

In typical Google fashion, the king of the search engines has developed a brief game that lets you take control of an alien who crash lands on a ranch. You are tasked with exploring the farm to gather the materials needed to fix the spaceship. By pointing your mouse and clicking you can guide the alien to various parts of the ranch where you must solve some basic puzzles that reward you with the various items.

In all, the game took about 10-or-so minutes my first playthrough. Those looking to kill some time at work can find the game on Google's home page.